Crazy Coomba and Swino Hynes are running an Ultra!

2 of my lovely friends, Amie (Swino) and Andy (Coomba) are running a double marathon of 52 miles to raise money for the Rockinghorse Foundation. Considering they got lost on their last Ultra and ran an extra 4 miles this one could be closer to 60!

Andy, who is a Physio too and soon to be RunningPhysio’s first guest blogger has given me a little summary;

My fiancée Amie and I have been training for probably around a year now. It started with the 2011 Brighton Marathon, after which we decided to try and go a bit further. Since that time we have completed 1 more marathon and 2, 30 mile ultra marathons. There have been some hard times (running up and down the same 2.5 mile stretch of road for 3 1/2 hours in 30 degree heat in the south of France is one I would care to forget) and some sacrifices (giving up whole weekends to run 35-40 miles). But lets not get carried away, we entered this off our own backs and for the most part enjoy running, as one of my friends has commented I always seem to be smiling in every photo taken of me on race day. The 50 mile event means a lot to me and Amie, it is a challenge that is going to take a hell of a lot of hard work, some pain (probably a lot) and mental determination (a famous ultra runner said “the first 25 miles are a physical challenge the second 25 miles are a mental challenge”). Many of the children helped by the paediatric teams and the rocking horse foundation will endure a lot more than Amie and I will on 1st September, and they trump us on determination and we feel that showing our support is the least we can do.

We like to support charities on RunningPhysio so we ask if you could help Andy and Amie in raising money for a worthy cause. Any donation will be greatly appreciated.

You can donate online here.




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