Stunning views, escapism and “care in the community”

The last couple of weeks things have really come together for me and RunningPhysio. We've now had over 12,000 lovely visitors including nice people from the US, Canada, Brazil and Vietnam. I've had a chance to chat to some of the online running community including @4races4cities who has one of my favourite running blogs and @_mattdunn who did an awesome guest blog.

It's really good to see people benefitting from the blog, that's what it's there for! And some of the comments we've had have been so nice, thank you to everyone for that! As a Physio there are few things more satisfying than seeing your treatment work. My patients don't get to see the hugely geeky “victory dance” I do as they leave the department! In the last 2 weeks I have 2 patients in particular that come to mind. 1 with achilles tendinopathy that was told he shouldn't run again and is now running pain free. And another who has returned to running, football and cricket for the first time in 9 years. Both still have some rehab to do to keep things going but I'm delighted for them.

My running has taken off again too and my mileage is coming up nicely. Yesterday I ran a cheeky half marathon along Brighton cliff tops. 13.1 miles in just under 1:44 – not bad for a training run. And I burned off over 1700 calories which is around 10 pints of Guinness. It's a shame my Garmin watch doesn't display pints per mile or fry-ups per hour, I'd find that hugely motivating. I can see it now, glancing at my watch and thinking, “5 more minutes running and I can have an extra sausage tomorrow!” Dont get me wrong, I'm not too worried about my weight it's just I love to eat. Really love it. Running helps me eat virtually what I like, it's a big part of why I run (hence the slogan above, “later I shall have pie”).

I've talked about why I love running in Brighton before, the characters in Brighton are amazing but yesterday it was all about the views. I did an “exploratory” run. One of my favourites, you start on an established route and see where you end up, you never know what you'll see. I was running up steep hills, overlooking a stunning blue sea in the shadow of a paraglider floating by overhead. I descended to a cliff side walk way, sea on one side, towering white cliffs on the other and hardly a person in sight.

@runningokinuk hit the nail on the head with his recent blog about trail running. As he put it “total escapism” and what a place to escape to!

It's all part of what makes running amazing, but I think the community we run in is a huge part too. Look at all the wonderful blogs and forums, the support people offer each other, the stories we share and the good people do for charity. There is a great deal of care in our community.

That brings me to my final thought, there are a lot of really nice runners online, why not say hello and read about their adventures…? Here are just a few…

@4races4cities Liz has an excellent blog and raises money for Mind

@_mattdunn an Ultra Marathon runner with a great blog raising money for the Brathay Trust

@runningokinuk Ian did his first half marathon in 1986! Great blog of his news, views and reviews.

@afxonline Matt's a creative innovator when not on Daddy Duty! Very knowledgeable chap too!

@ThePhysioRooms Mike's a top Physio, runner and tweeter of all things useful!

@jogblog Cathy's blog is one of my favourites, a runner with a cracking sense of humour!

@runwestyrun marathoner, triathlete and a fan of cake! Top blogger too!

@runblogger Pete is regularly mentioned here on RunningPhysio and rightly so. Fantastic blog.

@carlawalakoala Carla has been a big supporter of RunningPhysio, she's a runner aiming to raise £1 million for the British Heart Foundation. That's right £1 million. Amazing.

@cmmercer Strongman, marathoner and banaphobic blogger!

@SP_Physio fellow Physio and soon to be guest blogger on RunningPhysio

If you'd like to add your name or blog to this list, pop it in the comments section!




4 thoughts on “Stunning views, escapism and “care in the community”

  1. Hi Tom, thank you so much for the mention! I am quite new to the running ‘blogging’ world, and yet so far, I have been made to feel so welcome by everyone on Twitter and in the blogosphere (you especially). The running community blows my mind – a band of passionate, determined and inspirational ‘normal folk’ doing amazing things each and every day.

    It makes me proud to be a runner.

  2. Thank you for the mention!
    I love the idea of my garmin reading in pints of ale or cake per mile… that would definitely help motivate me through those rough patches in my long runs!! You never know, that could be your million pound idea ha!! It is great to hear how passionate you are about your job and I have found your posts on injuries very informative, especially the ones on shin pain… a continuing problem for me. I also loved your race recap of the Brighton Marathon earlier this year… I was supposed to be running it again but had to pull out. Keep up the great work.

    • Can you imagine if the opposite was created too….a device that told you how much running you need to do to burn off the food you are eating. That’d be awful!
      About to tuck into a tasty pie and it chirps up with “that’s 2 miles per serving…and don’t even think about dessert!”

      Thanks for your nice comments, makes it all worth while!

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