Links I like

Runningphysio Facebook Group – an open FB Group come and join up and I’ll keep you up to date with new posts and now also a brand new Facebook Page too.

My Justgiving Page for the Mental Health Foundation – I’m aiming for £1000 by July. I have about 820! Any donations very gratefully received no matter how small!

Runblogger – excellent website by an anatomy and exercise physiology lecturer who has a self confessed shoe problem! Well worth a look.

Cool running – a wealth of running information and a huge collection of links to all manner of running related sites.

Runners World Health and injury Forum – you can bet whatever injury you’ve had, someone else with have had it and asked about it here. Lots of excellent advice from friendly experience runners.

Andy and Amie’s Fundraising for Rockinghorse children’s charity – 2 of my lovely friends and fellow runners are running a 50 mile ultra marathon. Last time they did an ultra they got lost and did an extra 4 miles! Baring that in mind they certainly deserve sponsorship because there’s every chance they’ll be running closer to 60 miles!

Sporting Circles – the sporting social network site and also nice people who regularly retweet me to thousands of people!

Non Running Sites – note I’m a very proud Gooner!

Arsenal Report – not only an excellent site for fellow Arsenal fans but also a really top guy running the site who helped me immensely with his advice on this blog


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